Pencil sketches for Maison de Papier - the collection

Pencil sketches for The Regency Wardrobe collection

Pencil sketches for 300 Years of Shoes - the collection

Sketches in thread

Stephanie also sketches using the sewing machine. To see which embroidered sketches are for sale currently please click here

Sketches in light and shadow


Projecting imagery onto and behind garments, underlighting skirts and integrating audio is a new development for The House of Embroidered Paper. The first use of this has been as part of the display of The Regency Wardrobe collection. There will be more to come. The short clips shown on this page are the sketches using light, shadow and film made by Stephanie for use alongside the section titled 'Walking Dress' in The Regency Wardrobe. Please click on this page to see it as it has been shown in the exhibiton of the collection.