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Title: Her Fan
Garment: Women’s fan

Materials: paper and Thread

Size: Life-sized

Inspiration: lace fans from the 19th century often referred to as ‘Brussels lace’ or ‘Chantilly lace’ fans and sometimes incorporating Mother-of-Pearl or net. They were often also painted on



Areas of quilling are incorporated into the design of this fan to add to the lace effect. In tiny writing along its top edge, and across the middle of its front side is written part of the extract by Mary Campion (see 'The Lady of The House Dress') beginning: " is "in the silence of the sleep time, when we set our fancies free," that our imaginations are busiest with the unwritten history of the past, when the dark outline of the house is silhouetted against the evening sky, and only the long windows filled with light; or when the moon rises over the downs to the east, making the sentinel elms cast long shadows like delicate lacework across the green to the house, then..." the spirits of the past come forth and hold high revel…"



final fan.jpg
Stephanie Smart Her Fan 5 copy.jpg
website 2 copy.jpg

Photography by Ray Sullivan

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