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Of Frills and Feathers


The inspiration behind the design:

Mameluke sleeves were always going

to be the key to this piece. Their wonderful gathered layers, divided by ribbon can be seen as a classical Regency design feature. After 1808 Spanish ornament featured on robes and appeared as slashed areas and tiered sleeves. When sleeves covered the hand they were called à la mamelouk. To see more examples please click here.

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"During the first lockdown for Covid-19, in the spring of 2020, the pieces already made as part of The Regency Wardrobe collection had to be carefully wrapped and preserved for 18 months. They had been meant to be shown in May of that year, the result of 2.5 years of research, 18 months of making and a year of funding-raising. During the time that followed however the link with Firle Place was established. Serendipity offered up so many links between the research that had already been done and the history of this beautiful and impressive venue. With thanks to the staff there and to the Gage family, the owners of Firle Place, planning could begin for an even bigger, better first showing of the whole collection. Extra pieces were made during this period."

- Stephanie Smart, Director of The House of Embroidered Paper

For this dress it was the painting on the walls of the William IV Room at The Royal Pavilion, Brighton that inspired; likewise for the accompanying hanging. On both there are areas of layered paper, stitched outlines and torn away tissue paper.

There is also a shawl that accompanies this piece created in the same way.

To view Wrapped in Birds and Butterflies please click here.

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