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Purchase Exhibition Pieces

Thank you so much for your interest in owning an exhibition piece.


Purchasing from The House of Embroidered Paper means you will be adding a unique work of paper textiles, woven through with historical research, story and meaning, to your art collection.


In order that this piece is taken off the market and reserved for you The House of Embroidered Paper asks that you please pay a £50 deposit. This is a holding deposit, it is also £50 off the purchase price. Once the payment has been processed the piece will be marked as sold on 

Stephanie will then contact you to discuss the possible carriage and shipping solutions, so that these can be made to best fit your individual circumstances. If you are local (within 25 miles of TN21 or 20 miles of BN11) the piece will be delivered personally free of charge otherwise you will be advised of the final shipping charge upon receipt of the deposit and this will be added to your final invoice.


The remainder of the purchase price will be due prior to shipment.

Please note this deposit is refundable if agreeable shipping costs can not be arranged it will be returned to you, the piece in question will then be made available again for purchase on


All the exhibition pieces come with a unique certificate of ownership in order to provide provenance.


“Designer Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895) is said to have been the first designer label with his signature in his creations. Early in the twentieth century, designers such as Poirot, Chanel, Lanvin and Vionnet used their labels as a means of branding their garments and protecting their designs, and the use of the label as a brand marker as continued ever since. Some labels are also used to define authenticity, with elements like number sequences or holograms offering the buyer assurance that the item is not a counterfeit copy. Labels can also serve to fill regulatory requirements in terms of defining textile content, size, care requirements, and origin…Labels or marks of ownership come in different forms, and occasionally, one might find the name of the owner embroidered or handwritten in a garment.” P55 The Dress Detective by Ingrid Mida and Alexandra Kim

Please note:


Certain pieces from The Regency Wardrobe collection are being exhibited at The Royal Pavilion (March 19th 2022 - September 11th 2022) and Worthing Museum (16th April 2022 - 7tth August 2022). 

If your piece is included it will not be send to you until after close of the exhibition it is in. You will be fully refunded of any payments made should the artwork be lost, stolen or irreparably damaged during the exhibition period. Please note pieces cannot be replaced as they are unique creations, but any damage to frames etc will be rectified.


You will also be asked if you are interested in seeing your piece exhibited further in the future. If you loan your artwork for any exhibition unspecified at the time of purchase - as a result of a future enquiry by The House of Embroidered Paper - you will not receive a payment for that loan but delivery costs from you and back to you will be covered wherever in the world the exhibition takes place.


The first five pieces in 300 Years of Shoes the collection, are being exhibited at Worthing Museum (16th April 2022 - 7th August 2022) 300 Years of Shoes is an ongoing project. The House of Embroidered Paper intends to create one lost left shoe from every decade between 1720 - 2020. Upon completion of this collection The House of Embroidered Paper will ask the owners of every shoe in the collection if they are willing to have their piece exhibited again as part of an exhibition tour of the final 30. The final venues for this and the final dates are as yet unspecified. You have the right to refuse to have your piece re-exhibited in any exhibition beyond those specified at the time of your purchase.

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