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This is a holding deposit for an exhibition piece.

Refundable Holding Deposit for Exhibition Piece

  • This is a holding deposit for an exhibition piece. Once payment has been processed Stephanie will contact you within 48 hours to discuss the possible carriage and shipping solutions to best fit you personally. Please note this is a refundable deposit, if the final arrangements cannot be agreed upon. Also the deposit will be reduced from your final invoice.

    All the exhibition pieces come with a unique certificate of ownership to provide provenance.

    Pieces from The Regency Wardrobe are due to be exhibited at Chertsey Museum (November 2021 - February 2022), The Royal Pavilion, Brighton (March 19th – September 11th 2022) and Worthing Museum (April 19th - August 7th 2022). If your piece is due for display this will be confirmed and you will receive more details upon receipt of your deposit payment. The House of Embroidered will dispatch your unique piece within two weeks of the close of the relevant exhibition.

    If you purchase a piece prior to an exhibition in which it is to be included you will be fully credited as the owner on site at the relevant exhibition. Please note pieces purchased during an exhibition may not be able to be thus credited, as printing will have been finalised. You would be fully refunded were your artwork to be lost, stolen or irreparably damaged during the exhibition. Pieces cannot be replaced as they are unique creations, but any damage to frames etc will be rectified. Your piece will be marked as sold on

    You will also be asked if you are interested in seeing your piece exhibited further in the future. If you loan your artwork for any exhibition unspecified at the time of purchase, as a result of a future enquiry by The House of Embroidered Paper, you will not receive a payment for the loan but delivery costs from you and back to you will be covered wherever in the world the exhibition takes place during the course of 30 years from the date of purchase.

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