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Title: The Ages of Man
Garment: Male child's frock coat
Materials: Paper and Thread

Size: Life-sized

Inspiration: 17th century male frock coats; the idea of the 'Seven Ages of Man' from the monologue that begins: "All the world's a stage...” at the start of ‘As you Like it’ by William Shakespeare", (spoken by the melancholy Jaques - Act II Scene VII); Passport to Life, a poem by Morgan Kenney


Written, in Morgan's hand, on the lapels of The Ages of Man frock coat is:
Passport to Life
Birth dates, death dates,
marriages and anniversaries
stamp the passport to life
Monday April 27
dated a new but sobering adventure
I realised and accepted
with unquestioning finality
I was old
The second hand flipped me
from certain achievement
to indefinite wonderment
The road back impossible
No exit
The road ahead scheduled
Arrival on Time
- Morgan Kenney




The Ages of Man frock coat is displayed

over Waistcoat no. 40008 because

Morgan (91) and Oz (97) are partners,

living together at Danny House,

Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. You can read

more about the retired residents of

Danny House & the residency that inspired

this piece by clicking this button:


Photography by Ray Sullivan

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