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Title: Under my clothes andbeneath my skin

No. 2 in the: ‘...bloody Women!’ Collection

Garment: Women’s Slip/Petticoat

Materials: Paper and thread

Size: Life-sized



Symbolism/Inspiration: In Leviticus there are biblical prohibitions against menstruation and even today in many cultures women are forbidden from entering their local temple or shrine on any of the days they are bleeding. Such an attitude favours the values of ovulation (the white phase) and of child-bearing over those of menstruation, regarding it as the culmination, peak and purpose of this fluid feminine inter-change. In comparison menstruation has been often feared, possibly the result of the human fear of death. Some cultures have deemed women responsible for both death and birth therefore, regarding the circle of life. Likewise female sexual attractiveness, often revered, has also been deemed dangerous to men.


Produced in collaboration with the artist Steve Joyce re. his image: Tracing the Everyday 2, Screen print.









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