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Title: Halcyon Nights - 2020

Collection: 300 years of Shoes

Garment: The lost left shoe of a 21st century woman

Size: Life-sized

Materials: FSC accredited paper tablecloth, quilling paper strips, tissue paper, embroidery thread, card


This piece is inspired by the style of shoe known as the stiletto and by a lone male kingfisher at the moment of diving when he cracks the water. High heel shoes originally had a male association as they were created to help men keep their feet in their horses’ stirrups.

This piece is also inspired by the fact that, whilst the point of a single high heel appears fragile, it can exert an impact on the ground that is 15 times that of an elephant’s foot.

Background photograph of water ribbles on Epson Luster photographic paper 255gsm by Ray Sullivan

Halcyon Nights - 2020

  • Sorry, this piece has sold. 300 Years of Shoes, the collection, is an ongoing project, more shoes will become avaiable, please check back. Thank you for your interest.

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