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Title: Eyes of the dragon

Collection: The Regency Wardrobe

Garment: Male or female mask for a ball

Size: Life-sized

Materials: paper tablecloth, tissue paper, embroidery thread,

aqua bronze powder


This piece is inspired by the popularity of masked balls during the Georgian and Regency periods. The Prince of Wales, the future Prince Regent, is said to have especially enjoyed masked balls and is recorded as having attended one in particular held in Brighton in 1795.


This piece also reflects the Prince’s love of Oriental art and design, which would become the style known as Chinoiserie across Europe.


Eyes of the Dragon is framed in a gilded wooden hand-made frame with a specially commissioned deep back. Size: W45, L47, D9cms. It is lain upon black velvet board.

Eyes of The Dragon

  • Thank you for your interest. This unique piece has been sold, if you would like to consider any of the other pieces in The Regency Wardrobe collection please click here for more information

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