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Title: Waistcoat no. 40008
Garment: Child’s waistcoat

Materials: Paper and thread

Size: Life-sized

Inspiration: 5 of the periods of the life of 97 yr old Oz Cottam-Moss, resident of Danny House, Hurstpierpoint




The symbols on Waistcoat no. 40008 show: the badge of the Canadian Women’s Army Core; a gold caterpillar - I noticed Oz was wearing a small gold caterpillar pin on one of the occasions she and I sat and sewed together. When I asked her about it she told me it had belonged to her husband, to prove his membership of ‘The Caterpillar Club’ after his time as a pilot in the war. The Caterpillar Club was originally established to recognise those who had saved their own life using a parachute made by the Irvin Air Chute Company, after bailing out of a disabled aircraft. Membership was later extended to all those on the rosters of saved lives kept by all parachute making companies; Oz’s 50 year old Singer sewing machine (she was a keen seamstress for many years, making clothes for herself and her daughters); the QE2; figures of 2 little girls - her daughters


For more information about Oz and to read extract from our conversations please click here:


Photography by Ray Sullivan

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