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Loops, Buttons and Trim

The inspiration behind the design:The design on the front of this elegant pelisse - a Regency coat - is formed of Rouleaux; a popular decorative technique in this period but normally formed from slim tubes of fabric. We had to work out how to make it using paper.

If you click on the mannequin you can magnify the image.

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The three all white, walking dresses in The Regency Wardrobe collection are accompanied by audio tracks, in the form of extract of Regency broadside ballad. Broadside ballads are best put into the category of street songs, which were very popular during the Regency and Victorian eras. Linked to Loops, Buttons and Trim walking is the song known as Flashy Back, because it is about a coat. To listen please click the play button below:

Click here for accompanying audio


There are many beautiful examples of Rouleax work from the Regency era. Certain aspects of three particular garments proved especially inspiring including the shapes down the front of this pelisse © The Museum of London...


...the collar of this spencer jacket © The Olive Matthew collection at Chertsey Museum

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...and the decoration and shape of this pelisse in Worthing Museums collection

These images show pictures of the work in progress:

The inspiration behind the concept: Whilst a lady wearing Linked to History, the third walking dress in this collection of three, should be imagined promendaing along the promenade the lady wearing Loops, Buttons and Trim is to be seen in ones minds' eye walking beneath trees, perhaps along a woodland path, certainly dappled by the shadows of leaves. This is reflected in both the shapes of the Rouleaux and the leaves around the collar.

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