Title: Fabulous Beasts

Collection: The Regency Wardrobe

Piece: Wall hanging

Materials: cartridge paper, FSC accredited paper tablecloth, gold tissue paper


This wall hanging was designed to accompany Wallflower, one of the paper cut Silhouette dresses in The Regency Wardrobe collection. It also stands alone however. The image is inspired by one of the fabulous beasts, featured amongst heavenly bodies and masonic symbols, painted in gold on the dark canopy of the Banqueting Room of The Royal Pavilion, Brighton. This creature, part phoenix, part winged dragon has been embroidered in gold thread on black FSC accredited tablecloth paper*.


*Please note the black of this paper cannot be guaranteed as colourfast. Part of the concept of The Regency Wardrobe is that the colour of many of the pieces risks fading over time. This is to reflect: research done by The House of Embroidered Paper into Regency era garments and the observation that the colures of their surfaces have faded overtime (as evidenced by looking under seams and inside material crevices); how historical events and people fade in the collective memory; how the power and prestige of civilizations and empires fades overtime; how the surfaces of most items we find left to us from history have faded. Areas of this piece therefore risks changing colour/fading - aging - over-time, just as we do.

Fabulous Beasts - wall hanging