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The Regency era was the last period in which buttons were hand-made. From 1850 machine-made buttons took over, coming from factories in the developing industries of Birmingham and other growing cities.

These two images show beautiful detailing including wonderful Regency era buttons from garments sold by

Ice-blue figured silk pelisse robe circa 1820

Often ornate and beautiful Regency buttons were produced in many different styles using a wide variety including:


Dorset Buttons:

"A Dorset button is a style of craft-made button originating in the English county of Dorset. Their manufacture was at a peak between 1622 and 1850." -

For excellent tutorials on how to make a dorset buttons please see:




Death's Head Buttons:

"...Death’s Head Buttons, a lovely kind of thread-covered buttons that can be seen on clothes through the 18th and into the 19th century. They mostly appear on menswear..."


Button on a man's Regency shirt from The Worthing Museum collection

For more about these beautiful examples on a shirt I saw in the Worthing museum store please see:


Button on a muslin day dress 1800-1810

Metal wire

Spencer 1818-1820 Chertsey museum

For more images of this Spencer jacket please see:

Paper and metal